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Great events over 19th to 21st October!


Voices on the Bridge – Friday 12th October 2018 – in other words tomorrow!

Voices-on-the-Bridge 12th Oct 18

Voices on the Bridge in support of World Mental Health Recognition Week!

So rain is forecast! There’s always a warm welcome at VOB at Ponty Museum

– and plenty of room for wellies, galoshes, umbrellas and pacamacs too!

Tomorrow night don’t miss this event!

Great lineup, great venue and a great night out!

Hinkley Point C nuclear plant!

“rebuked by French Safety Regulators for failings”

“EDF, the company building the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant has been rebuked by French Safety Regulators for failings in the construction of a prototype reactor in Normandy.

The French scheme has been beset by problems and delays that critics say cast doubt on EDF’s ability to deliver  power from the British plant by 2025.”

More reasons to be concerned!

The Times. 04/10/18.

Read a Poem to a Child.

41991773_295292841268677_1309176323255566336_nWill you read a poem to a child on September 29 as part of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Global initiative “Read A Poem To A Child!” This seems to be an important year to highlight the significance of children in the world. We are increasingly aware of their fragility. It is time to take a moment in this busy, crazy life we live, and share something we cherish. Poetry is our gift. Join Rob Cullen, Amelia Unity and Voices on the Bridge and 100,000 poets for change a global event 1 pm Saturday 29th September steps of the Senedd, Cardiff Bay.