Darkness falls


Hold the light

don’t let the darkness fall

on those you love


Lest we forget


Our forebears fought for rights

strived for children’s lives

worked to establish

protection for the ill

the old and those

who could not look

after themselves

its a neighborly thing

to look after kith and kin

even when they aren’t your own

we’ve been through this before

the rich the vested interest

and the “poor law”

time to look after our own

time to look it in the eye

see what it is

see what its for

make sure you vote

with your eyes open

don’t give your vote away!

Going backward its our choice!


So many  children died young

the valley had the highest

infant mortality rate in the land

death stared in at every door

I lived in a time and a place

where so many spoke

with horror of the means test

memories of hunger

and  much more

is this what we want

where we return to

you who have no knowledge

of such times of hardship

be wise in the way you vote

be wise in the choice you make.


©Rob Cullen