Perfect Guiness Add

Edinburgh 002


You said we’d meet in the Packet

a bar that had a rough reputation

I wondered about that

as I ordered a Guiness.

You always kept me waiting

that was one of the things

one of many things

I liked about you.

The bar had fallen silent

I looked around and saw

the seagull on the top

of a broad brimmed straw hat.

You were six feet two

and stood head and shoulders

above the men lining the bar

all of them looking at you.

The sun glasses you wore

stared at me above

that wide white toothed grin

you said make that two pints.


I loved waiting for you.








Choosing a place to sit

Isn’t that easy

I need to sit with my back

To a wall never a door

My preference is always

To sit where I can scan

The comings and goings

The entrances and leavings

Keep watch on that guy

Shouting when a whisper

Or words spoken quietly

Would do just as well

Hypervigilance its called

Another way to control

And avoid the threat

Of what might happen

But never does or maybe

It will if I let things slip!

He wears that badge

Yesterday watched GetLive performance at Chapter Arts.
Today sitting in the beer garden. He came in wearing
that badge a camouflaged service rucksack. Says everything.
We got to talk. He’s waiting for combat stress to do their stuff.
He needs it. Is what he says. He talk of waiting times
for appointments. I think I need to come out of retirement.
I’m not silent anymore.

Change (excerpt)


                                                              Clouds gather

                                                             darkening slowly.

                                                             Even as I watch

                                                                the air grows

                                                                darker colder.