Lancaster PA

Working in a steel works to get the money to fly after you

I’d sit in the garden drinking tea in japanese raku bowls

reading your scribbled letters on blue flimsy airmail pages

I’m not sure to this day what made you say OK follow me

a crazy thing to do considering the secret you kept from me

I flew in and you kept up your pretence love closed my eyes

I spent some time in Connecticut and returned unannounced

opening the door listening to sounds in a darkened house

found you with him the secret was out and I closed the door.




“I love borders. August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know.

Twilight is the border between day and night, and the shore is the border between sea and land. The border is longing: when both have fallen in love but still haven’t said anything. The border is to be on the way. It is the way that is the most important thing.”

Tove Jansson


Growing words

Growing words


A house built for heroes

it’s a small house

two bedrooms

a kitchen

outdoor lavatory

a kitchen garden

and an acre

keep a pig

grow potatoes


Black earth

I dug black earth

I dug deep black earth

except now

I lay horse shit

on top of the growing beds

through winter

and let worms do the rest.


I read poetry

in quiet times

AS Neil said play

is children’s work

growing should be

poets play too.