Winter sky


Listening to Chopins Nocturnes

making bread

a clear winter sky darkens.


Lost in translation

Lost in translation


I lent you a book

shared some knowledge

you made promises

promises to be broken

I struggle with such interaction

I am told it is this age

nothing can be taken for granted

so nothings changed

life is fragile

we who grew up in a certain time

know that

have always known that

nothing can be taken at face value

nothing can be taken for granted

yet I listen to fools

who are taken seriously

facts mean nothing

it’s just your opinion

and if you shout louder

fact means nothing.

I leant you a book

that meant something to me.


Tribute to Eva Hoffman.

On being silent

On being silent023.JPG


I read to people in large rooms

but I can’t hear myself

I feel constrained

my words seem distant

somehow empty

echoing in an empty room

I feel I’m of another time

a sense of regret

I accepted silence for too long

and now feel that I should return

to a world of silence again.

A shepherd has read

a poem I wrote about him

and now looks at me with a new eye

there is a warmth

that I have honoured him

I am someone who has troubled

to write about him

and given importance to his life.

He said quietly that he took time

to read my words

and smiled.


For William.

Marcos Ana

“It is very hard to live when you have been condemned to death. The anguish of waiting, as you listen to the sounds of the night, for the possibility of falling, triszado (cut to shreds) by lead, with the last stars of the dawn”.

Marcos Ana

Born 20th January 1920. Died 24th November 2016.

And such stars as these open eyes in darkness so the light is seen!


Write on!

“Write on!”

Its tough being a new author trying to get published!St Mary of Penrhys Decemebr 2014 007.JPG

“I enjoyed the idea of the opening chapter and the way it sets up the book, or series. it’s also quite filmic and I can see you are pitching this as a TV film idea as well as a novel (and its great to get such a clear business plan!)

Unfortunately…..” Part of long positive feedback from Publisher. But my novel is still unpublished.