Shiny Happy People: An Interview with Photographer Reem Al Faisal

‘In a way, we put photography on the map in the Middle East, and people started to talk about it, even if they didn’t understand it’ – Reem Al Faisal in conversation with Joobin Bekhrad

Source: Shiny Happy People: An Interview with Photographer Reem Al Faisal

Guilio Regini Disappeared


On 25th January 2016 Gulio Regini disappeared?

And nine days later as if by magic  reappeared.

Words like disappeared seem so stupid somehow.

as if the torturers and killers didn’t know then and now

who I was, where I was, and what they’d done to me

over those long hours of those nine days and nights.

Now in the silence I am able to speak about me and them.

Three times you broke my bones, and tore the nails

from my feet and my hands. And please forgive me

I confess I fully lost count of the number of times

you burnt me with cigarettes. Did you forget?

And you punctured my body with stab wounds.

And how could I overlook the sparks and electrodes

on my genitals, after all I was a man among you men

and then you severed my spine with that final blow

and so my life was taken. Another stupid phrase.

But the torturers and executioners have many lives.

So many lives. Far too many for me to describe.

Imagine them with their wives and their children

with all that blood and gore, my blood washed

and cleansed, as they handle their daughters, sons,

mothers too. The intimate way they touch their wives.

Are they clean and free of all that stains them?

How do they forget what it felt like holding me down?

Of the sound of my breathing, of the smell of my sweat

as they strapped me and held me down. It’s forgotten?

Let’s agree not to call them monsters and demons

shall we? They are brothers, fathers, uncles, sons.

If we make them different we act and conspire

to make them special, different to the rest of us

making them different provides an excuse for us

to say too that we would not do what they did or do

when in fact they are like us, all of us, me and you.

A sickness has been unleashed on this earth, this world.

Humans look at what you are, and all of what you do.

On 25th January 2016 Gulio Regini disappeared

the executioners reality was – he was in plain view!