The wrong end of a telescope

The wrong end of a telescope.


When the lie was told

and the fracture set

people I thought close

weren’t there, weren’t near.


When the lie was set

and dishonour bound

the house phone

stopped ringing, ringing loud.


The door-bell left

Untouched too,

no emails or messages,

sought my domain.


When the lie was set

no friends to be found

and no voices raised

to shout the lie down.


So the world snapped

into its own disgrace.

Where were the people

I thought were near?


Where were the people

I thought so close.

The silent friends

not knowing what to say.


But that’s the problem

when nothing seems real

and you look at the world

from the end of a telescope.

The Cardigan Road

The Cardigan Road Late Afternoon.


A skein of geese crossing

high above the road,


Grey clouds on a cold day

and starlings, a bursting cloud


Over rain sodden fields,

and the road unfolds


Like the days of the year,

the hope and the yearning.


And change comes to meet us,

the story still to be told.