This land that surrounds



This land that surrounds

This land that has nurtured us

For so long

This land on which we stand

This land has no voice

This land is silent

This land is silent

This land has stood

Witness for so long, so long.

But if we took time

To listen to this land

We would hear its voice

We would hear it in the wind

And the lowing of the trees

We would hear its voice

In the grasses sigh

We would hear the land

In the rush of the rivers

And trickling of streams

This land in its silence sighs

Let me rest

Let me breathe

Open your eyes and see

Let me rest

Let me breathe

Let me renew

Let me rest

Leave me to green

Leave me to grow

This land cannot hide

This land cannot run

This land cannot pretend

To be somewhere else

It cannot disguise its pain

And what of the guardians

What of the people of this land

Are their eyes blind-folded

So tight that they cannot see

Or perhaps they face the other way

Distracted and deafened

So that they no longer

Hear the cry of the land

Let me breathe

Let me rest

Let me renew.


Rob Cullen

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