West End Apartment (excerpt)

I liked to walk alone

at dawn and watch

the first light travel

the length of the avenues

with Copeland’s Quiet City

playing in my mind

and that trumpet

in my thoughts

and in my ears

and in my eyes.

It was a time

when my words

were stolen.


Change (excerpt)


                                                              Clouds gather

                                                             darkening slowly.

                                                             Even as I watch

                                                                the air grows

                                                                darker colder.

A Sense of duty (excerpt)

060215Trealaw 238.JPG

I listen to the voices of those

talking quietly of their day

of their worries,

and sharing the joy

of milestones missed

the sadness of memories

and the missing of you.

I watch men who stand

leaning, crying in a grief

that has no sense of ending

of the keening, of the longing

to hear your voice

before the sound

of it is forgotten

and that dread of forgetting.

There is a kind of peace here.

The examination of time and its many modes (ecxerpt).

The examination of time and its many modes.


We are the explorers

Of time.

In which

Our watchfulness


A revelation

An awareness

Of life’s turning wheel.

We the silent sentinels

Examine time


The glue that alloys

That anneals and binds

The eternal tick,

Hum and thrum

Of the Atomic.

Oblivious to the inhalation

And exhalation of breath

We breathe

A measurement of time.

And dream itself

Three thirty

In the darkness

A stop time

In slow time

When nightmares wake

And temperatures drop