Bridges aren’t just about getting somewhere

in this age of having to get somewhere

or to be somebody whatever that means.


Bridges are about connections

about joining one side to another

to join divides and separations.


Bridges span different views

bridges connect generations

make things  come together

make old things new

bridges make life possible

bridges span and connect

bridges aren’t about divisions

bridges join and mend

the gulfs between us

help us speak to one another

allow us to bring things in

allow us to take things out

allow us to meet and share

allow us to see things anew

to span divides, connect, renew.


Bridges are life givers

so let’s join together

and not let divides

part us from life

or keep us away

from one another.


Bridges give meaning

so let’s build bridges together.



Voices on the Bridge – The Sequel

Pontypridd Museum 7pm 7th April  2017 – What a line up! Free event hosted by Pontypridd Museum and Morwenna Lewis Curator.53225_2

Mab Jones is a “unique talent” (The Times), who has read her poems all over the UK, in the US, Ireland, France, and Japan. She is the author of Poor Queen (Burning Eye Books, 2014) and take your experience and peel it (Indigo Dreams, 2016), which won the Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize. She has also won the John Tripp Spoken Poetry Audience Award, the Word Factory Neil Gaiman Short Story comp, and the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, amongst others. In 2015 she was the recipient of a Creative Wales Award. Currently, she teaches a creative writing class at Cardiff University, coordinates International Dylan Thomas Day, and is a freelance contributor to the New York Times. She recently presented a poetry programme on BBC Radio 4.

Mike Jenkins Retired Comp teacher, lives in Merthyr. Conducts creative writing workshops for children and adults. Co-editor of Red Poets magazine for 22 years. Winner of Wales Book of the Year for short story collection ‘Wanting to Belong'(Seren). Latest book of poetry is ‘Nobody’s Subject’ (BBTS).

Rhian Elizabeth was born in 1988 in the Rhondda Valley. Her first novel, Six Pounds Eight Ounces (Seren, 2014), was set in that valley and shortlisted for The International Rubery Book Award. In 2016 she was a winner of The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award. Right now she is working on a collection of poems entitled ‘the last polar bear on earth’- poems all about being sick and being in love.

Rob Cullen studied at Bristol and Cardiff art colleges and lived in New York and Brighton. Rob was an expert to the criminal and family courts. He retired in 2012. His short story The Choice was published in an anthology in 2015. Rob has written short stories published in Ystrad Stories related to the paintings of Ernie Zobole. His poems have been published in the online magazine I AM NOT A SILENT POET. A collection of poetry “Uncertain Times” was published in 2016. He is currently working with a publisher on a collection of short stories and poetry.

Julia Rose Lewis is working on her PhD in poetry at Cardiff University. Her poems have appeared in the Moors Poetry Collective anthologies, 3am Magazine, Poetry Wales, and Missing Slate. Zarf Poetry published her chapbook, Zeroing Event 2016). Finishing Line Press is publishing her chapbook, Exhalation Halves Lambda in 2017.

Dave Lewis is from Pontypridd, south Wales. He has written newspaper columns, sports stories for the BBC, is organizer of the international Welsh Poetry Competition and also runs Publish & Print. His poetry has been featured in magazines all over the world. He has published fourteen books to date including a crime thriller trilogy based in Wales and Africa. He also has a bike. For more details visit his website –

Cara Cullen is a bilingual writer and musician from South Wales and recently completed a bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Oxford. Cara was brought up within a family of artists and environmental activists and this has been a strong influence on her writing.

Gerhard Kress takes photographs, plays music on various instruments including the drainpipe. He writes, mostly, but not exclusively, words. He has supplied the folk and early music world with frame drums, renaissance, shaman and communal giant drums. Mabon Arts have published ‘Inanimate People’. A collection of photographs shown at Pontypridd Museum, the Pop Factory and is going to be exhibited at the Welsh Assembly in 2017.

Mark Blaney won the Somerset Maugham Prize for Two Kinds of Silence. Recently published in Agenda, Poetry Wales, The Interpreter’s House and The Lonely Crowd, his first poetry collection Loud music makes you drive faster is newly available and his third story collection Doppelgangers is also published by Parthian. Mark is a Hay Festival Writer at Work in 2017, has been shortlisted for this year’s Wales Media Awards and has been longlisted for the National Poetry Competition.

Matthew Frederic comes from Rhondda. Mathew studied music at the University of Leeds. Mathew works at Staylittle Music and Climbing Trees.