Takin time

Take time to weigh this all up

who speaks for me and mine

anybody watched a donkey

or a man on the tread wheel

take time and take it all in

people want what you can give

if you give it too freely

they’ll take it for what their lives

are worth or so they think

but today who speaks for me

and mine and us and you

is the real question

so brothers and sisters

sit back take a deep breath

don’t jump through hoops

Take time and take a deep breath.

I and Thou

“Feelings dwell in man; but man dwells in his love. That is no metaphor, but the actual truth. Love does not cling to the I in such a way as to have the Thou only for its ” content,” its object; but love is between I and Thou. The man who does not know this, with his very being know this, does not know love; even though he ascribes to it the feelings he lives through, experiences, enjoys, and expresses.”

Martin Buber, I and Thou