Doors closed today darkness descends


Another link with family chains

Of affinity and a past with no ends


I remember your eyes no pretence


Our father’s brothers


Surviving active war service

Your father died too young

Disease ridden housing

TB a virulent strain

In homes for heroes

My father remained

Grieving in his silence


Listening now

Part’s The Angels

While others sleep

In darkness I weep



It was that familiarity

When we met

Immediate recognition

Unmistakeable connections


I watched you laugh

In Catford Dogs

The days in the village

During summer breaks

You loved my dad

In the absence of your father

Both of you laughing

A shared understanding


You shared his eyes

The brilliance of smiles

Before laughter came through


I was not told of your leaving

A break in itself


No vigil

No wake

No gathering

Just afterwards

I knew your eyes were mine too


A recognition


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