Turning our backs on the river


Turning our backs on the river

Storm Ciaron lashed in the week before last.

Bad enough you’d say, well anyone would say that

standing out in the cold and rain as it comes falling in,

no asking permissions, not so much as a second glance,

the river danced its fandango, raging through the culvert,

a concrete channel that’s supposed to keep it at bay,

built to get it away, to down there, anywhere, but not here.

And so we turned our back on the river and forgot,

the old tyrant that once ruled the valley when winter came

I think calling a street Taff Street, Mill Street or Fish Lane,

is like waving a flag, enticing the river back to its old domain.

So with that, Storm Dennis took up the invite to return,

dropped a month of rain over a day and two nights.

Meanwhile up there in the hills, the river set off for down here,

in the darkness the Taff made itself comfy and settled down,

stretched out a bit, overflowed into the park, a street,

visited shops, peoples front rooms, kitchens and fridges,

it may have been out of spite dumping the mud stench squalor,

before setting off to sea, down there, leaving us to wait, to see,

what the next storm would bring, while the government hides,

and no one takes the blame for turning their backs on the river,

no one takes responsibility for the cuts in flood defences either,

no one takes responsibility for the cuts austerity brings to the poor,

their talking about the latest row with the Royals, it just makes you laugh,

no one talks about, evictions, people being made homeless with no work,

no one talks about climate change, this is climate change, this is our future.

And here we are a year later, people are worried — is it coming again?

Good news they’re setting up an inquiry, meanwhile the river has other ideas.




What angered me, and still does, is Trump, the president who never was, and his denial of climate change and the threat we, and future generations face that Earth’s balance is so far out of kilter that there is nothing we can now do to rectify the damage.

What angers me is peoples obsession with a so called “Royal” family who inherit immense power for no other reason than — an ancestor who bludgeoned himself to the throne by wiping out the alternative claims to the throne. And they continue to sit in this seat of power, a family who are intellectually below average and distinctly unimaginative as human beings go -clinging to the belief in the divine right of kings and the transubstantiation of souls. In other words they are god’s (an imaginary being) chosen ones to rule. Meanwhile peoples obsessional interest in this non-descript group of people turns their heads from the prospect of climate change and the responsibility we all have to play a part in doing something to alleviate the possibility of the destruction of Earth as we know it.

What continues to anger me has been and remains governments inability to deal with Covid19 — so that the threat climate change represents has been pushed out into the long grass — again! And so it goes on as if we have all the time in the world. Biden may be bucking the trend in respect of incompetency and inadequacies of world political leaders. We shall see. But honestly we don’t have the time to just sit and wait. It is now a matter of personal responsibility to do what we can to save Earth!