Clearances above Dunkeld


Clearances above Dunkeld

The old house and steadings stood empty

the roof still good after many a long winter

it was a wonder not a slate had shifted loose

sheep mess layered hidden earth floors

A sheltering place when blast killing cold

staggered the withered fields with deep snow.

Upstairs the stripped bare boards echoed

with the sharp sounds our boots made

Empty glass panes of look away windows

finely spun spider webs here and there

a hollowing emptiness where children

were once born and sang in the sunshine of Spring.

It was a place where the grief of leaving

still hung round the stone bared walls

walking away along the burns banks

where so many had walked through before

I came across a small lochen and a waterfall

I stripped bare, dived in and swam to the other shore.

Brown peated water between my fingers

ran along my skin and through my hair

Corbenic the home of the horn of blessed Bran

the maimed Fisher King haunts here too.

I swam deep in cold whisky dark waters

to cleanse my skin, my soul, of all pain.




Corbenic the castle of the golden horn of King Bran the Blessed –  Branwen Ferch Llyr – Second of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi.

Corbenic misinterpreted as the Castle of the Holy Grail – the Fisher King’s domain.

Both King Bran and the Fisher King wounded and in need of healing.

Symbols of mankind and the earth.