Lockdown Reflections on Grey


Lockdown Reflections on Grey

Waves of lines, white tides, rollers moving,

Breaking on another shore in another time,

Waves rolling in silence, slow as mercury,

Silver, shimmering, there is no sun in this sky.

It is a panorama without feature, or horizon,

I can fix my gaze outward – it is fixed anyway,

Sunlight moves across the unmoving vista,

Unchangeable, and slow grey traffic passes.

The windows of people’s houses have the blinds drawn,

Now and then, I used to see someone look out of their window,

They never looked at me, they never waved, made any sign,

I stopped seeing people, one day there was no one to see.

I used to see people walk past, old couples mostly

They became fewer, sometimes ones, rarely two

The people walked very slowly. Walking so slowly

It was like watching someone move in slow motion.

There are no people walking past – it becomes dark,

And the houses opposite don’t show their lights,

The supermarket truck used to deliver every week,

I’d see the same men, they’d ask how I am,

The deliveries changed to just once a fortnight,

The drivers just leave the boxes outside the door.

A woman used to come out of her house and stand

Waiting for the bus to go into town, she stopped

Standing at the bus stop. The bus stopped coming one day

Something felt wrong it was because the bus never came.

There are always ambulance sirens, blaring night and day,

Blue lights flashing, when they pass the house, they are gone

I take no notice now it is constant they will stop one day

Outside this house to take me and I will be gone too.

Where are the people who believed in miracles? Why are they quiet?

People in the concentration camps asked – Where is god?

They announced there are vaccinations coming for everyone,

They made it sound as if our scientists had performed a miracle,

they sounded like they believed a miracle had happened,

could a vaccine be found for depression and mental health?


Mental Helath and Covid Lockdowns an iceberg shadowing its Titanic.

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