Trees Are Watching Us


Learning perspective
can be a hard thing
it doesn’t exist in reality

just a formula taught to see
one of many ways of seeing
another dry construct
ironing out invalidating
other understandings

Dense woodland surrounding
young trees planted
on shale waste

some days walking through
it feels to me
as if I’m submerged
in a sea of constant green movement


Trees resist being seen
with perspective
an endless formula

of straightened lines
I remember being taught
to see the world in that way
ironing out invalidating
so many other ways of seeing
others understandings

I like to stand and listen
eyes closed for long periods
the unending sounds
of woodland around me
a world of so many lines
the wind lifts heavy rainfalls
spindle thin ash tops clash
lean in on one another

Trees are watching us

Photo by Author Rob Cullen


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