Life removed from reality

foto credit Bob Brewer Unsplash

click “next step”

click your profile picture –

it’s the profile picture in the top right of your inbox

the Garden Warbler is rather non-descriptive

but then it sings

click add account –

it’s in the bottom left of the drop down menu

Chiffchaff the bill is thin and needle like

the legs are black

click “more options”

Siskin can be recognised in all plumages

by the broad yellowish bar on the dark wing

click “create account”

the Serin is flushed

with bright yellow on the head

enter your new account information

click “next step”

scroll down click “I agree”

Kestrel in flight long tail and shallow beats

Of long pointed wings distinctive


click continue to….

click continue to….

click continue to….



This is a love poem for you



this is a love poem for you

Love is a story told

in the tight fold of families

told in the cwtch

when you hold

a child through growing

love is a beacons

starlight shining through darkness

a closeness no oppressor

can out do or overcome

love is its own brightness

when you hold

when you cwtch* a child

this is a love poem for you


Cwtch* is a Welsh word with no English language equivalent. It is the place in the crook of the arm where a child is held from infancy onward…young babies and infants are held by their mothers using a woolen shawl wrapped in the “Welsh way” which allows both arms to be free. The child is held next to the mothers heart and listens to the mothers voice and much else beside. The cwtch is a place of reassurance and comfort — and love.


Love is at the heart of radicalism. Love is at the heart of Resistance.