A poem for your wedding day


A poem for your wedding day

Reminders memories

here then now

sounds made by children’s feet

legacies you say well there are many

taking you out at night time

a small child walking through mountain fields

showing you path lines walkways

closed eyes, eyes askance to scan

what lies behind beyond

one eye closed one eye opened

close the other one open again

examine the change of shape

from one to the other and then

walking in darkness not being afraid

a way of looking a way of seeing

beyond and much more

listening to sound not just words

knowing the name of things

a flowers name told in a story

plants trees flowers fields

rocks hills and mountains meaning

and the magic returns.


Teaching a child to see in the dark is the first lesson in seeing that there is so much more to learn about the world that surrounds us. And not be afraid, be determined and fearless. Seeing in the dark is the first step.


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