One Earth Our Earth

Listened to this BBC Radio 4 programme and felt cheered and uplifted about how young people are focusing on !


Underneath the Bridge


Notes from a small garden 257.JPG


Under the cold bridge steel

of the motorway and cars

homeless people strive to survive

poverty is what divides us

we must not turn our eyes away

from the pain – the pain.






Who is Liu Xia?

Who is Liu Xia?


I live like a plant in the day

With no voice and no human interaction

Or like a corpse at night…


I curl into a ball

As somebody knocks at the door

My neck starts to stiffen

But I cannot leave…


I speak to myself too solitary

I have not the right to speak, to speak loudly!

I live like a plant

I lie like a corpse!



Rob Cullen: Apologies for a poor rendition of Liu Xia’s poem.