No answer

No answer.


I was awake sitting upright in darkness

Listening to the sound of spitting rain

hitting the skylights darkened pane

from the rhythm of my hearts racing

I knew that something had happened

that feeling in my gut of hopelessness


And I heard you say “Is it Tourette’s

The way you shout in your sleep”

And it was that waking time again

when nightmares and terrors reign

calling me from dreams so deep

It’s a kind of Russian roulette.


The dream felt as if it was real

as if it was really happening

as if I hadn’t been here before.

But it was the same time, same hour

that same real body feeling

sweating, heart beating. Real.


I was shouting out loud again

that noise echoing in my brain.

That noise that crunching sound.

That noise of steel being ground

brought me out of my sleep

Sweating, heart beating. Real.