We talked into the early hours

and as it often does time lapsed

and at times like this and these

with such warriors of the first degree

words, rhymes and craft merge

and in the darkness we looked out

on that familiar ancient town

and knew  it’s other name Caer Eden

and I told you of the Gododdin

and of Caertreth and of the fallen.

From a height on the Royal Mile

you told me that you’d watched

my eyes and you’d began to realise

that I didn’t blink and I’ve thought

about that since and found

that I blinked whenever I thought

about it and when I considered you.

We sat in the old café drinking tea

such a sad demise for a braachi

the coffee baristas from Baardi

has gone and what has been left

an exhibit polished and shined

just like your words of Caroline

that sing song way you have

of bending the blue note

the way of poets and players

of the blues and duende too.

I followed Garcia Lorca

in New Jersey and understood

the horror of Rahway

but that was then and this is now.

and I am proud to know you.

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