On hearing of the death of Beryl Rubens

060215Trealaw 253.JPG.


And so another voice has fallen silent,

And for a moment the wintering wild birds

No longer sing in the skies.

And I walk amongst stone angels

And there is no comfort for me here.


Tears of sadness do not pierce

The emptiness of where a heart should be.

And your expressionless eyes

Stare down unchanged

Over the days, over the years.


Here there are carved words

On smooth milled stone,

Each letter, each word

A fragment of a life’s story

A momento to last an Eternity.


So many words worn away

By the hard edged rain

Of so many winters past.

Expressions of love, of duty done,

The reward of rest in heaven.


And the remembrance always

Of those who follow.

Followers themselves now dead

So that the grave lies forgotten.

And the words meaning lost.


But I will think of your life now

And of what you have meant

To me and those who knew you

And will always treasure you

And your life’s memory.


I smile at the remembrance

Of the sound of your violin,

Of your laugh and delight,

And your strength and determination

To fight for those broken needlessly.


I do not need stone angels now,

Or the waste of aged sentiments.

Life has always been precarious.

It is enough that you were here.

And I will light a candle for you.

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