Time redefined


Time redefined


And now

Am I marooned here

You told me to go

Go go go go go

When you decided

That it was done

That you were done

With me.

But I have been left here


Then now

Now then

Time stands still

For some things

Trapped in this silence

Now and then

A fracturing of time






I struggle

For words.

Its not true

That time heals

It simply

Loses pain

I am like a bell

That has not chimed

For so long

I am not silent

Only in quietness

Will you hear

The deep vibration

Of my calm

I can’t make

Up for lost time

Making up

For lost time

What time?

Who’s time?

A clock,



Or Clocc

A silent


Missing a bell

Is called

A Time piece.

I clock you

You you you you

You. And you!

I watch you you

You and you.

And you.

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