In the house warming

Klaus spoke about

his experience of moving

to the run down valley

a former mining town

where he now resides.

He recalled the first visit

to a doctor and noted

as he sat down the doctor

barely glanced his way

seemingly unable to take

his eyes from the computer

dominating his desk.

Klaus spoke politely

in his soft German accent

making no effort to hide

the wryness of his smile.

“When you have a moment

I will tell you the reason

I am sitting here.

It may be of interest to you.”


A day later I paid a visit

to a doctor too

it was an emergency

I’d thought I was lucky

to be given an appointment

so quickly on the same day

The young locum

sat down and started

to conduct a conversation

while fiddling with the printer

he opened the paper drawer

slamming it again and again

At some point I stopped

speaking he didn’t seem

to notice this at all

he apologised but now

his back was turned

away from me.

He phoned admin

and another person

entered the room

and I watched as the two

conducted an animated

discussion on matters

of computer technology,

and which of the doctors

had left the printer jammed.

I sat quietly listening,

it was pleasant enough

I suppose sitting there

listening to the discussion

and for the moment

I’d forgotten the pain.


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