Sometimes it is the space within

Notes from a small garden 197.JPG

Sometimes there is a space beneath

Sometimes there is a space inside

Sometimes its a place that hides

Its a place out of view underneath



I Want It Back

Poesy plus Polemics

Education-in-ancient-Greece-3 Ancient Greek Assembly – Image from

the clean public square

the new-mown town green

that civil surround

where opinion declaimed

and rebuttal proceeded

without inquisition

where rational discourse

drew vigor from fiercely

free air unpolluted by

uninformed prejudice

pure of ad hominem

fresh with the scents

of integrity blossomed

receptive to cogently

voiced counterargument

forum and agora

laid for a gathered ecclesia

given to healthy exchange

of perception and insight

along with the silks and

the spices that made for

an amply enriched way of life

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