Stone Eyes

DSC_8564Stone eyes

See nothing

Stone eyes





This place (Excerpt)

Have we become aimlessly weakened?

Green stemmed saplings unable to withstand

The cold snaps of the hardest ice age

And the frost cold blades of austerity


Or are we distracted by the glow

Of the constantly in hand mobile screens?

By celebrities preening endlessly for the prize

Of a mind numbing dumbing mediocrity?


And that constant quiet seeping away

Of the young who will never return

We raise swallows that never fly back

It is the blight that has afflicted this place.


Do these memories have any relevance?

Have they anything to teach the present?

Should they be left to fall like Autumn leaves?

Best forgotten, best left to wither away.


Pasts giants choose to stand in silence

Quietly without sound observing

A present that has nothing to say

That is filled with its own emptiness

But what is the present without a future?

And what is the future without a past?


(Final verses of the long poem This Place)