Below the bridge



Steel sprung spans divide

Bridges where the homeless

And the addicts take refuge

When the weather is too hard

This place this wide span

Splinters of light divides

Day from wrapped silent people

And unheard wishes

Hope fears past lives

Rise in night time

While the river below roars

The passing of years

There is no knowing

No fortune telling

A soul is in pain






Silent now

There is a time

For healing.

Somethings wrong.


There’s something wrong

I’m pretty sure about it

But I’m having trouble

Putting my finger

On what it is right now.


At times I feel

As if my mind

Is being split in two

Maybe three, maybe four

It’s hard to keep tabs really.



Go to war

To make peace

But the war grows

It seems out of control.


So to contain

The growing war

That they are unable to contain

The politicians decide

To start another war.


Politicians are wise

They know what’s what

And what they are doing

So I consider

It must be part of a plan.


But one part

Of my brain

Maybe it’s the left

Asks if there really is a plan

Or whether its idiocy.


After all history

Teaches us lessons

Not to do

Certain things again

And politicians are wise.


Some politicians

Studied history

In Universities

With many spires

They must be wiser than most.


But another part

Of my brain

Says you can’t be serious

Politicians are oblivious

To the past.


So the world is at war

Its spreading

Wherever you look

Like some kind of fire

Nobodies  dousing  the flames.


But every fourth year

We have sacrifices

That  take our mind off  it

And makes us feel much better

And not think of war.


There’s something wrong

I’m pretty sure about it

I wish the wars would stop

And politicians show

That they are really wise.



Four poems at Erbacce Magazine

debasis mukhopadhyay

I am grateful & honored that the editors at Erbacce Press (Liverpool, UK) liked four of my poems from the Erbacce Poetry Contest 2016 enough to include in their latest issue (46). These poems, Daisy, On a hook, Song & the bottom of the root, & Telescope & night ornaments, had been longlisted for the contest. I was not aware they would be published  in their print magazine. So when I received the magazine featuring my work alongside that of some fine poets from different corners of the world, I was really surprised & delighted. Thanks again Alan Corkish & Andrew Taylor.

Click here to read the poems : Daisy , On a Hook, Song & the bottom of the root, & Telescope & night ornaments

Note:  Song & the bottom of the root was first published in The Curly Mind on January 23, 2016Telescope & night ornaments was first published in

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