That Generation of men

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That generation of men


How long did I work with abused people

Thirty nine years maybe forty

But always that resistance and absolute denial

By that generation of men


The so called decision makers

Thirty eight years trying

To get through a wall

Of concrete doors

Of silence, of ridicule,

It seems ridiculous to me now

The ends they’d go to

To avoid listening

I’d get phone calls

From experts in the States

My boss shut his door

Stopped answering his phone

The message on his door

I’m out in a meeting

Outside my window

I could see his car

That generation of men


Men who thought abused children

Asked for it in some way

Or that the abusers were right

It didn’t do the child serious harm

After all they’re still alive,

They’re still breathing

What’re they complaining about

Forty years of listening

Forty years of fighting

That generation of men


And now I worry

Nothings really changed

Another generation of men

Are not talking about what they really think

Two children are murdered each week

One woman murdered a fortnight

The majority by men’s doing

These are things men need to sort out

Meanwhile men are silent

Sitting on their hands

Talking about sport

As if it’s the be-all of this life

This generation of men.