Friendship and love



You looked out toward the sea

A cool September evening

We had planned coming

We watched an empty sea


The news dulled our hopes

It was a cool darkening  evening

We sat outside silently watching

Waves riding the beaches slopes.


Hopes shattered lives challenged

And we hold each other silently

Standing close together quietly

Our love cannot be expunged.

Waiting for storms to pass

Waiting for storms to pass


Standing under maples

Waiting for hard rain to pass

Watching iron black

Towered  thunder clouds

Rise over the mountain

I remembered you

And  wondered

At the reason

The memory

Was brought back

It was the day you decided

You were leaving

You told me

This place is not for me

It’s not for you either

You told me

Don’t worry

You’ll find

Your own way

That was the last

I saw of you

But the memory of your

Strength of conviction

Has been a source

Of great strength

Doing what’s right

Is all that matters

I think of your courage

A woman who knew

What was wrong

What was right

And I cherish

The memory

Of you then

The briefness

Of our friendship.