It is called Aleppo now

Halaba of the silk road

That whiteness

Of marble

Of the white soils

And now death descends from the air

In barrels

Filled with chemicals

Or those bomblets

Frozen figures

The murderous rage

Of a dictator

Backed by another

Who wants to stake a claim

Putin your hands run with blood

And your eyes are filled

With the lies and denial

That tyrants always make

The inhumanity

Is describable

The bombs fall

On hospitals

Even the dying are not safe

This grotesque re-enactment

Of the butchery of the

Basque people

Of Guernica, of Lidice and Lezaky

There are so many more

Testament to the barbarity

That humans unleash

And the useless statements of poets

And artists

Who talk endlessly of shame

Even my old tailor

From the Penygraig Cooperative Society

Trevor Powell by name

Made his way to Spain to fight

While the great powers looked on

With indifference

While totalitarian regimes

Destroyed a generation of lives

We need to walk the streets

Make it plain

Make our voices heard

And don’t stop!

Never stop!

Until this barbarism is brought to an end!



Uncertain Times


Carol White Film maker Director of Red Flannel “Welsh Mam” reviewed my book “Uncertain Times” – The poems range from the deeply personal to bitter social comment. The language is direct, sparse and honed. Vivid but with nothing overwritten, for a book of poetry… actually a page turner.