Afernoon sleep

Afternoon restDSC_1003.JPG




Birch trees

Jackdaws unseen

Seeing us sleeping

Soft pink wooden walls

Our small school

Clouds pass overhead

Green canvas

Stretched tight

On steel tube frames

Old grey army blankets

Brought out of storage



There is no rush

Time passes slowly

Lying watching clouds

Sleep again

Afternoon sleep again

Time to wake up

Red leather sandals

Grey socks

Green and red belt

Snake head buckle

Pale brown shorts

White cotton shirt.


Childhood has changed

God knows life was never simple

Growing up in a mining valley

But now a narrowing down

Childhood brings pressure early

The need to perform

The continual auditing

To ensure achievement

Of the goals of learning

In a modern age

Ignoring the needs of a child

So very young

To grow in their own time

In their own way

To socialise

Build friendships

That narrowing down

The increase of prejudice

The re-emergence

Of pre-conceived


Of small minded


Of a previous age

Closing down

Instead of opening


And looking out at the world

Encouraging curiosity

Of life

This earth

And all who live in it

We cannot remain silent

There is much work to do.