Latest installment of new novel sent off! Meanwhile a storm is blowing through and raging out on the mountain. Now headphones and music on and back to writing.


Ghost road


Lightest yellow whitening moorland grass stretching

waved wind shifting flows into the uplands plateau

distant ravens specked black in white grey clouded skies

wheel unhinged glide soar above the flat worn track

(excerpt The Ghost Road)


Stress related break from writing broken! And the relief when the words come through and the story begins to tell itself again a delight.





Write on!

“Write on!”

Its tough being a new author trying to get published!St Mary of Penrhys Decemebr 2014 007.JPG

“I enjoyed the idea of the opening chapter and the way it sets up the book, or series. it’s also quite filmic and I can see you are pitching this as a TV film idea as well as a novel (and its great to get such a clear business plan!)

Unfortunately…..” Part of long positive feedback from Publisher. But my novel is still unpublished.