Honouring a dead poet

Honouring a dead poet


I immersed myself in your words

I bathed in your wisdom

Your knowledge an ocean

A sea of waves each poem

I allow you to wash over me

You are not still now.



Marcos Ana

“It is very hard to live when you have been condemned to death. The anguish of waiting, as you listen to the sounds of the night, for the possibility of falling, triszado (cut to shreds) by lead, with the last stars of the dawn”.

Marcos Ana

Born 20th January 1920. Died 24th November 2016.

And such stars as these open eyes in darkness so the light is seen!


Write on!

“Write on!”

Its tough being a new author trying to get published!St Mary of Penrhys Decemebr 2014 007.JPG

“I enjoyed the idea of the opening chapter and the way it sets up the book, or series. it’s also quite filmic and I can see you are pitching this as a TV film idea as well as a novel (and its great to get such a clear business plan!)

Unfortunately…..” Part of long positive feedback from Publisher. But my novel is still unpublished.