Safe to cross


Big brown columns plunge their feet
into murky waters, secure my bridge.

The river flows slowly, undeterred.

A boat sends its lonely laments
answered by a gull´s circling screeches.

The river flows slowly, undeterred.

Sunset signals old lanterns to start
they throw pools of yellow hopeful light.

The river flows slowly, undeterred.

It is safe. I can continue my walk unafraid
Cross this bridge to find a new home.


Veronica Marjon Van Bruggen



Burnt out

Burnt out.

Burn out.

Such odd phrases an evocation a reminder

Of a bonfire

Or a rocket falling backwards to earth

Nothing certain. It describes nothing. No feeling of the way emptiness

Seeps into the core of the soul

No give. No giving any more.

No seeing who or what you are.

Other people’s words empty tunes

Bells that toll but fail to ring true.

Demands are made sweating begins

Empty hands shake holding nothing

And that hiding place sleep. Sleep fails

Lying in darkness surrounded by ghosts

Of past words days the nightmare begins

Involuntary shouting swearing announces

That feeling of shame of failing

That stays through the following day

Overrides everything

Those positive achievements

Those days and times when a battle was won

The commendations waved away as worthless.

Burnt out says everything says nothing

It is a meaningless phrase.