People are suffering


I have to be careful what I write

What words I use

I must avoid names

I must not name names

It would be like a death sentence

In this country

Mineral rich land

Is given away

To a foreign power

For a few pennies

This power from across the seas

Needs land to feed

Its own people

It needs food security

But here the people

Who have roots in this earth

Are told to leave the land

So that plantations of sugar cane

Can be grown

Or other crops

To be sent across the sea

To feed other people

And if the people protest

They will be brutalised

Or worse

Rape is a weapon

In this war

And a silence rules

The country

Rock stars

Wearing sun glasses

See nothing

Or if they do

They say nothing

But tell the same story

Over and over again

Of how they saved

The people from drought

And meanwhile

The people are down trodden

In this jewel of Africa.

I cannot name names

That would be dangerous

For the people

That is the way with tyrants

The world over

People cross arms

In a sign of defiance

People are suffering.

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