I felt the shove

At my back

And tried to turn

To find something

Firm to hold

To prevent my fall

That’s when I saw you

And my breath

Gave out

Hitting the water

But then the sinking began

The dragging down

By my wet clothes weight

Into the depths

I felt the deepening cold

Of lake water

Enter my body

And the fear too

Uncontrollable shivering

Is never


I sank slowly

The surface

The light


It was the slowness

That frightened me

I needed to free myself

Of the weight

That drew me into darkness

Shedding clothes

That gripped my body

The barrier

Between life and air

There have been

More recent times

When falling into darkness

And the gut twisting

Feelings of despair

And the coldness of fear

And it was the need to let go

That saved me

And the urge

To grasp life

And head for the light.

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