Season change

Mowed the orchard and took sheepdog for daily seven mile walk. Met dog friends! Mused why not International Poetry Day. Spoke with my friend Bill from Killarney that Yeats seems to be slipping away. Find I’ve been asked to read a voice over for a film. But I’m yearning for frosts and snow as the hint of a change of season begins the day. Tomorrow I’ll proof the stables ahead of bad weather. And my thoughts turn to Lampedusa and the roughening sea.221.JPG

One thought on “Season change

  1. Just reading this made me feel in touch with the vividness of life close to the physicality of nature, of true life rather than the limited, unnatural, sedentary life I lead like so many contemporary urban dwellers.

    Seven miles! Daily!!

    Oh Donna the half way mark is our pub!


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