Watching them fly in.


Watching them fly in


I never agreed with it

Too much emotion

The rejection said


I wrote something

After nine eleven

Watching them fly in

Not knowing

What they’d been leaving

Arriving in distress.


She had a brother

Working in the first tower

A place that I’d known

A place I’d been

She didn’t know

If he was living

The phone call came

And she smiled again

He was alive.


Long ago

As I walked home

I heard

I felt

The explosion

My classmates

Fathers, brothers

Uncles, men

Had been lost

We use that word

Too loosely.


Too emotional.

What have we become?

Stone pillars

Wooden Indians



People live


Just by television

I’ve lived in a time

That isn’t literally

Real or unreal

I write

About emotions

The connections

People, times and places

That are real.


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