If I had to live anywhere else

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If I had to live anywhere else

I’d like to live by a rivers side

to watch the water flow

clear in spring and yellow

amber wine in summer

then brown in Autumn

with the waters full in spate.

And I could wash away the regrets

and worries, and that feeling

that I’ve failed you badly


If I had to live somewhere else

I’d want to live by the sea

overlooking a wide estuary

and walk along the gathering shore

to look underneath wrack

and peer into clear pools

that tides wash clean.

And maybe the sea

could wash away the sorrow

the regret for all the pain.


If I had to live anywhere else

I’d want to live where the air

in the summer stays cool and clean

so maybe a clearing in a forest

with stands of great trees

and a spring of clear water

that I could drink and slake

my thirst for the calm

of a quietening soul

and feel the certainty of you.