Breaking news!

Breaking news


Stormy weather ahead

A gale blowing

And angry seas

The captains

left the bridge

in a sulk

the mutineers

want to steer

this listing hulk

but those men

have they integrity?

I didn’t vote

For silence

Or closed minds.

Breaking news!

No lifeboats

On this ship

At least

not for me

or you, or mine

I’ll not resign

For this fate

Anyone else

Up for a fight?




A dark blue shawl


A dark blue shawl


The evenings grow

dark and cold

even though

its midsummer

So I gather

an Ethiopian shawl

round my shoulders.

I feel weariness strain

in my neck and  arms

and the need to rest

But the struggle continues

to keep this openness

to listen and hear

and remember

what we learned

from a different

people and place

that will remain

forever close

to my heart.



They keep lying.


An election was won

on a lie

nobody would

hear the truth

the lie unchallenged

was used again

and left unchallenged

and another election won

came and went

the lie left


A referendum

thought up

as a wheeze

lets say

a ploy

to try to unite

a party

that will always

stay divided

a referendum

nobody wanted

and then guess what

the telling

of more lies

and hate

and people

heard what they wanted

one day I hope

we’ll wake up

and open our eyes.