We accuse

We accuse!

We the people accuse the political class of whatever party of misleading, misinforming and lying to the voters of this country. In their malfeasance they have acted to prevent the voters of this country from exercising their democratic rights as citizens to vote freely and fully informed as to how they should vote. In so doing the political classes have acted to undermine the democratic process in this country for their own self-promotion and personal ambitions!


We the people accuse the political class of whatever party of abuse of the voting system and bringing the democratic process in this country into disrepute. We demand that the referendum outcome be put to one side and that the dishonest and abusive practices of the political class be brought before the High Court or whatever relevant Court is laid out in the regulations of the Referendum and that a new referendum is put in place.


We accuse the political class of gross negligence in its duty to inform the voters and that a General Election should take place so that a vote of no confidence can be made.

Referendum Day

Referendum day


Its true people have short memories

Those people who conveniently forget

the generation of those who sacrificed

so much for their children’s rights

that well-worn verse of remembering

has been tossed to one side

but will be dragged out again

by the self-proclaimed patriot

of that there is little doubt

mouthed over and over again

by the liars and scoundrels

wrapping themselves in the flag

as if it’s a kind of comfort blanket.

But we need to be aware today

the hate hounds have been let loose

and we’ll need to protect our own.