Excuse me poets – Tribute to Orlando

Excuse me poets

Tribute to Orlando


And so the wise


Bland words

Clever words

But men and women

Have died

So they

These Sunday painters


About the style

The poetics

The rhyme

Whether children

Could have done better

But men and women

Have died

There is something


A loose connection


Fuck technique

Fuck if it’s

a quick response

Men and women

Have died

write something


what’s happened

don’t write

about grammatics

write about loss

write about love

write about grieving

that we

have come to this

write about

men and women

Have died


Murder of an activist

Murder of an activist

Dress it up whichever way

what it breaks down to

is the senseless murder

of a woman by a man.

Senseless the loss

Senseless the pain

The resort to violence

The resort to hate

And the mindless murder

Of a defenceless mother.


Whichever way it breaks down

Its male violence again.