. so it goes .

Je suis European!

sonja benskin mesher

it is because i care , explained the bear in itallics.

some have carried on regardless, their subsidy

in the post no worry at all.  others brew beer

talk of older days when britain  (thought it) was


 i feel that someone, some thing has died,

mourn here in the covers.

i do not feel so great, again today.

i wanted to be european.

a bigger picture.


men on a beach

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Oi it’s a flat earth! Oi OK!


It can’t be a coincidence

That the leavers

Are global warming deniers

And believe the earth is flat

So that’s the appeal

To reject experts advice

Fit facts to beliefs

Reject anything


That somehow doesn’t fit

Into your flat world

So out with the new

And back with the old

Meanwhile the earth burns.



This is the song of our people

Rhondda Cynon Taff-20150325-00899


This is the song of our people

We suffer we suffer

We have cried too much

We have cried too long

And we have become lost.

But do not stir us

For we are dark dogs

We are shadow dogs

We sleep in motionless terror.

Do not speak to our hearts

Of indignities, of suffering.

Do not kindle our hatred.

Do not evoke words to spur

Our slumbering emotions.

We sleep we sleep.


(excerpt from the poem “Uncertain Times”)